Cashless Taxi Journeys Take Off at Dublin Airport with eCOMM Merchant Solutions

Irish FinTech company, eCOMM Merchant Solutions, has teamed up with The Taxi Alliance of Ireland to support Dublin Airport in delivering an improved passenger experience...   
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Photo of Anthony McGarry, Dominic Higgins and Gerry Macken

Gordon Elliott's Tiger Roll Wins Aintree Grand National Second Year in a Row.

This is the stuff of racing legend, The Aintree Grand National is arguably the world's biggest horse race and it is 45 years since anyone has achieved back-to-back victories...   
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Photo of Tiger Roll and Jockey

eCOMM Merchant Solutions Announces Agreement with American Express

American Express Card

American Express (AmEx) has appointed eCOMM Merchant Solutions, a FinTech payments company, as its latest payment aggregator in Europe.

Under the deal, eCOMM will enable its network of sponsored merchants in Europe to accept payment via American Express.    Read more

Noel Moran awarded European Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

In early December 2018 it was announced that the CEO of eCOMM Merchant Solutions, Noel Moran, had won the coveted European Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018.

The initial voting was done by CEOs all over Europe, with the final winner being picked by a panel of judges.

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Noel Moran - CEO Winner 2018

FinTechs & the Perfect Storm Facing the Financial Sector

Financial Technology companies or "FinTechs" are at the heart of a seismic shift in the payments industry landscape that is driving the transformation across the world.

The focus of these companies is to connect cutting-edge technology with emerging consumer and commercial requirements.

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Fintech storm.

How Blockchain Can Help the World's Poorest People

In the developing world, as economies grow, millions of people are drawn from the rural areas into the cities. However, in many cases, these people do not have access to proper banking facilities. Either the infrastructure just does not exist, or it is not affordable...

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eCOMM Announce Two-Year Creative investment of Solstice Arts Centre, Navan

eCOMM Merchant Solutions andSolstice Arts Centre today announced a new two-year creative investment beginning in January 2019. The investment will focus on developing creative arts opportunities for young people. Valerie Moran, Business Development Manager eCOMM and Belinda Quirke, Director, Solstice Arts Centre made the announcement at a partnership launch hosted at Solstice on Tuesday 29th May...

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GDPR in 5 minutes

If you had just 5 minutes to prepare for GDPR what would you do? I would suggest the place to start is to ask yourself 2 questions. If you can answer both questions satisfactorily, then you are a long way to being prepared. After that, you can read up on some of the key points...   
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Top 10 Reasons why cash is no longer king for small business

For a long time, it was believed that for small businesses, cash was a cheaper and more efficient means of doing business than cards. However, data from Visa and the Central Bank reveals this is no longer the case. See our top 10 reasons why cards are better for small business.

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Be Fraud Aware – a Vital Guide for Merchants on Minimising the Risk of Card Payment Fraud for Your Business

For most merchants, the instance of fraud is mercifully rare. However, it pays to be vigilant, and in this article, I will set out the 3 best ways minimise exposure to card fraud. In addition, I'll also cover how to avoid 2 common issues.

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Get the most out of your Merchant Account for Card Payments

Here's our 6 tips to help ensure you are getting the best possible service.

Tip #1 Real-time reporting – ask your provider for real-time reporting of your customer transactions. You can then log in to view, analyse and manage your card transactions as they happen.

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Demystifying the 'mobile' in mobile payments

The term 'mobile payments' has been used to describe a range of different technologies, leading many to become confused. Below is our 4-point guide to what the various terms mean.

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