eCOMM Merchant Solutions' Policy

eCOMM Merchant Solutions will establish, implement and maintain effective, proportionate and risk-based systems, controls, policies and procedures in respect of Data Protection and Privacy so that they can demonstrate compliance with policies and all relevant jurisdictional legislation, regulatory guidance and industry standards.

eCOMM Merchant Solutions will take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of all information, both paper and electronic, required for the operation of the business.

It will endeavour to protect against the loss, unauthorised disclosure, modification and destruction of information whether accidental or intentional. In this regard:

  • eCOMM Merchant Solutions is committed to compliance with all relevant Data Protection and Privacy regulation and legislation of the jurisdictions within which it operates
  • eCOMM Merchant Solutions will only use information in its possession for its intended purpose
  • eCOMM Merchant Solutions will take appropriate steps to ensure that information is created, used and maintained in appropriately secured environments commensurate with the associated risk
  • Information systems will be designed, built, maintained and operated with appropriate levels of technical controls and operating procedures to maintain required levels of confidentiality and security. eCOMM Merchant Solutions will act with due care and diligence when handling merchant information.

Scope and Application of this Policy

The Data Protection and Privacy Policy applies to each of the following:

  • Information
    All information relating to eCOMM Merchant Solutions, its employees and its merchants (current, past and potential) irrespective of the medium or device on which it is stored, or of its location.
  • People
    - All eCOMM Merchant Solutions directors and employees. - Employees and agents of other organisations (e.g. consultants, contractors, outsourcers) who directly or indirectly support, hold or access the eCOMM Merchant Solutions Information.
  • Systems and Paper
    These requirements apply to any system, programme, device or medium for holding 'information'.
  • Locations
    All jurisdictions and geographical locations in which eCOMM Merchant Solutions, its contractors, consultants and outsourcers (if any) operate.